If my parents are taken, how can you help us?
— Six-year-old GAPademics student

     One of the great programs at the GAP community Center is GAPademics, an after school program where children receive homework assistance, tutoring, food, and love. This past Wednesday most of our children came to our community center scared and even in tears. Erica (ASP Coordinator) sat with the upper class students as they shared their concerns and fears with great emotion, asking, "How are you going to help us if ICE Police take our parents away?" With a very heavy heart, Erica demonstrated concern, assurance, and love as she spoke to all her kids. Like most of us, when we were growing up, we didn't have a "care in the world" but here at the GAP Community Center, many of our children leave their homes each day and wonder if they will see their parents again.

     I was sharing with our staff Erica's experience and started weeping, asking God "Why? We need Your Help!" As an organization we're partnering with Grace and Peace church, which provides our facilities at almost no cost to us, to coordinate sanctuary and care for our youth, many of whom have family members affected by recent government policies towards immigrants. We're working on a plan to be prepared should our youth not have a home to go back to when they leave our program.

If you are able to house youth, even temporarily, or want to make a donation, contact: Angelina Iliana Zayas 2100 N. Kildare Ave | Office # 773-489-4959 ext 231 | Cell #773-410-3790 | gapcommunitycenter@gmail.com