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Casa Ruth Update

Now at Casa Ruth we have two families, both ladies of two children each.  One of our ladies is going through the process of getting asylum and we are starting to receive letters correspondence about appearing in court so please pray that all would go smoothly and that she would be approved.   I know she is need of bus passes help cut cost of traveling to work.  We are in times of so much uncertainty especially with immigration issues.  The other young mom we are assisting just recently came to us we are still assessing her needs.  Her and her two beautiful girls ages 2 and 4 love their new apartment.  We already had mom go to a job interview, she is going to her 2nd interview next week so it looks good. The things she needs is bus passes, food certificates while we wait for her food stamps to be approved, towels, cleaning supplies, laundry soap, twin sheets, queen sheets, clothing for the girls, sizes 3 and 4 toddlers.  

If you want to donate clothes or help with in-kind donation please feel free to contact us! Thank You!